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Akande Ogundimu
Even Apollo hadn't gone so far as to try to kill them all. She can't believe she ever respected him.
Sakunosuke Oda
She can't imagine being a parent and losing all your kids...but that doesn't excuse what he did.
Shirou Emiya
The first to die. She didn't even know him. But he did what none of the rest of them did, and refused to accept their fate lying down.
He's like an ancient country singer, with a guitar and everything. Best of all, he didn't laugh at her when she stopped to listen.
Leon Kuwata
She'd never really known him, but he'd sacrificed himself to save all of them. That has to be worth something.
Alec Lightwood
She understands why he did it. Maybe that's the worst part.
Maxine Caulfield
Young. That giant thing she's always carrying is apparently a camera. Imagine having to drag around a giant box like that just to record things.
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Will he be the next victim? The next killer? Neither?
Cheryl Hawthorne
...Kind of weird. But nice. She hated having to investigate her body.
Diego Brando
Nobody deserves to die like that. Even if he was guilty.
Apollonia Vaar
Worst. Roommate. Ever.
Varric Tethras
Honestly, she doesn't know what she'd do here without him.
Pyrrha Nikos
She still has terrible taste in girlfriends. But even though CT will never mourn Apollo, she does feel bad for Pyrrha.
Albel Nox
Another one dead. Who were these people she never got a chance to know?
Will Graham
Sometimes she thinks he must hate her. But he's tolerated her so far, and she thinks she can trust him.
Rideaux Zek Rugievit
She didn't even know him. And now he's dead.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade
Apparently she really was a vampire, all along.
He's a cop. A martial artist. And apparently, he knows fire magic. Or he did. Now she'll never find out any more of his secrets.
Erika Furudo
She should have listened when Kiss-Shot talked about being a vampire. Maybe then Erika would still be alive.
Rick Sanchez
Well, staying drunk 24/7 is one way to deal with this place.
Touko Fukawa
CT doesn't really know her, but she knows she's too young to be here.
Kind of naive, but all right. It must be nice, being used to food that isn't freeze-dried and shipped halfway across the galaxy.
Soma Cruz
She'd meant what she'd said about him in therapy. Whatever else he might have going on, he'd always tried to be both fair and merciful in the trials
Alexander Hamilton
At least his death served a purpose. Now they all know not to break the rules.
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